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Flood prone Village Sanitation


6 projects

$72,000 investment

Lake Indawgyi, Myanmar


Rural and suburbs, Cambodia

6 partners and funders
170 households with HandyPod


Our HandyPod water treatment solution addresses sanitation issues for people suffering from wet season flooding. However, numerous households in floodplain and flood prone areas have pit latrines which are inappropriate for this environment. The pits fill up with groundwater or rainwater (after floods), and then the toilets become unusable and human waste contaminates the environment. 

The HandyPod is a safe sanitation solution; it is a superior alternative to pit latrines. Surface and ground water cannot infiltrate the system. Human wastes stay contained and are treated. During floods, toilets remain usable and safety from pollution is guaranteed.


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Our Partners and Funders

Fauna & Flora International
world impact
people in need
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